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Improve personal efficiency by training versatility


Sometimes after an appointment you will have thought:

"If I had been less insistent, I would have closed the contract!"

"If I had been more insistent, I would have closed the contract!"

"If I had given him time to think, the client would have signed it"

"Everything was ready for signature and the client decided no. He looked like another person!"

All of this happens for a reason, but by learning to (re) know the Social Styles, created by Larry Wilson, a real estate agent will always be able to professionally handle a situation that, in a sale, can be highly emotional.

Become versatile, that is, knowing how to adapt to various social styles, is one of the soft skills that make you more effective in your work. 

By applying the skills you will learn within this course with Tiziano Welcome, you will be able to get results faster and with less effort.

* recordings will be available for a period of six months