Buyers: Strategies for Success

Coach: Selene Meoni

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How to be effective and efficient with buyers


How many times have you wasted time behind buyers?

Is the path that takes you from the acquisition of the assignment to the withdrawal of the proposal a straight road or is it more like an obstacle course?

If you have ever wondered how to get to the proposal while avoiding surprises and sightseeing with buyers, this is the right course for you!

Buyers: Strategies for Success is the course that will equip you with the tools to become a super effective and super efficient agent when working with buyers.

Selene Meoni will analyze the most common mistakes committed by real estate agents when working with buyers:

  • How many times have you taken buyers around wasting time?
  • How come so many buyers have visited the same property without you being able to close the deal? (Or incorrect pre-qualification of the buyer or property with objective difficulties?).
  • Why, only after so many visits, do you realize that the buyer does not have the financial capacity to buy that property?
  • How many times have you given the appointment to the customer, directly near the property to be viewed, without even knowing him?

You will learn a work method which will improve yours organizational efficiencya in situations like these and which will allow you to close trades effectively in much, much less time!

Watch the webinar, start applying the techniques and become the best Buyer Agent of your agency!

* recordings will be available for a period of six months